SpectraLight QC Light Booth

Visual Color Assessment System
Consistent quality control in color-critical product categories is finally possible thanks to SpectraLight QC. This holistic visual color assessment system starts with state-of-the-art light sources capable of meeting practically any brand owner specification. A data-driven back-end ensures inter-instrument agreement across a supply chain, allowing unprecedented reporting and traceability on unit settings, lamp performance, operator certifications, and more. The system also includes value-added training programs through the X-Rite Visual QC Institute.

Product Features:
Seven available light sources–more than any light booth on the market–including Daylight, Incandescent “A,” Horizon, three fluorescent (choice of any combination of CWF, U30, U35, TL83 and TL84), and UVa.
Adjustable lux can be set to desired output based on ASTM standards or customer specification
Built-in sensors maintain maximum lux, compensating for lamp age and wear
Calibrated UV output is monitored to help maintain inter-instrument agreement
Brand owner profiles can be created to share preferences and settings with suppliers
Certified replacement lamps allow for consistent performance and better traceability
Filtered tungsten halogen daylight simulation provides the most accurate rendering of daylight available