autofocus box

autofocus box

Model No.︰AF-BOX

Brand Name︰Image Engineering

Country of Origin︰Germany

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

The autofocus box is designed to illuminate a test chart at different light levels.
In combination with the LED-Panel the AF-Box can be used for low light/bright light shutter delay measurements of digital cameras.
By using the two rotary conrol units it is possible to switch from one light level to the other immediately. So two different light levels can be set by just using a switch without remeasuring the illumination level again.

Illumination level 20 - 3000 Lux
Size of used test chart 83 x 83 cm
Provided test charts TE261 or other
Lamps 4 x 2 18 W D50
(can be switched on/off separately)
Setting of light level Two rotary control units